City of Noblesville to Open Cooling Station Due to Heat Wave

With the forecast showing sustained heat and humidity next week, the City of Noblesville will open Forest Park Inn as a temporary cooling center, an air conditioned facility where residents can go to prevent prolonged exposure to the elements. Forecasts call for highs in the 90s all week, including a near record high of 99 degrees on Tuesday, June 21.

“Heat illnesses should not be taken lightly. You have to keep an eye on yourself when your body overheats and drink plenty of water,” said Mayor Chris Jensen. “The cooling center is intended as a safe place for individuals and families who experience heat-related illness or those that need a welcoming place to temporarily get out of the extreme heat and cool down.”

The goal of the cooling center is to provide a centralized location and safe refuge from the extreme weather. Forest Park Inn will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 20-24 and provides air conditioning, restroom facilities, seating and bottled water. Trained city employees will also be on hand to assist members of the public.

As they do during severe weather, the NobleAct team will continue to monitor known, at risk clientele for heat related needs and work with local resources to meet needs.

Throughout the heat wave, the city encourages residents to stay indoors, drink plenty of water, limit your exposure to direct sunlight, reduce strenuous activities and wear lightweight, light colored and loose-fitting clothing.

“As simple as it sounds, staying hydrated and being inside with air-conditioning are the top protective factors against heat-related illness and death – particularly during a heat wave. If your home is not air-conditioned, we invite you to reduce your risk for heat-related illness by spending time in air-conditioned public facilities like the Forest Park Inn,” Jensen said. “During next week’s heat wave, I also ask that you be a good neighbor and frequently check on at risk people living near you, such as the elderly and disabled or homebound people – and keep an eye on outside pets.”

For more information on heat-related warning signs and illness symptoms and hot weather tips, please visit

Noblesville is the 10th largest city in Indiana, home to more than 69,600 residents, and the county seat in Hamilton County, Indiana. Just north of Indianapolis, the growing city is known for its nationally recognized public schools, extensive public park system, Hamilton Town Center, and the outdoor music venue Ruoff Music Center.