Daily Almanac: Nov. 23, 2022


RISE: 7:38 a.m.
SET: 5:22 p.m.

High/Low Temperatures:

HIGH: 56 °F
LOW: 31 °F

Today is…:

• Sigd
• Fibonacci Day
• Blackout Wednesday

What Happened On This Day:

1924 Edwin Hubble’s discovery that the Andromeda “nebula” is actually another island galaxy far outside our own Milky Way is first published in The New York Times
1991 Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury announces in a statement that he is HIV-positive; he dies the following day
1992 The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, is introduced at COMDEX in Las Vegas

Births On This Day:

1950 Chuck Schumer
American politician
1992 Miley Cyrus
American singer-songwriter and actress

Deaths On This Day:

1990 Roald Dahl
English pilot, author and screenwriter
2006 Willie Pep
American boxer