$2 Billion Price Gap Between Indiana’s Large Hospitals and the National Average

The Employers’ Forum of Indiana (EFI) recently released a New Analysis of Indiana Hospital Not-for-Profit Commercial Facility Prices. In examining hospital inpatient and outpatient facility information from 2020 for only the 47 largest, non-profit, and non-critical access hospitals, the EFI found that the difference between those facilities and the national average for the same charges was more than $2 billion. The Indiana Manufacturers Association welcomes this additional information on this critical topic as more evidence of the impact on Indiana businesses and their employees. Manufacturing businesses employ more than 550,000 Hoosiers and are the largest sector providing health care benefits in the state.

IMA President and CEO Brian Burton said of the new data, “This is just the latest information to come out showing how much more is being charged to Hoosier employers, employees, and their families for hospital care in this state. A $2 billion difference between what these large non-profit corporations are charging and what is being charged on average in other states is an enormous problem. The IMA again calls on legislators to act now to reduce these inpatient and outpatient hospital prices. A little over one month remains for legislators to reduce the $2 billion price gap and put more money in the pockets of health care payers.”