Kirschner Named Husky Hero

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Heights High School
Jon Kirschner, a history teacher at Hamilton Heights High School, was selected as the Husky Hero for the month of February. Pictured (l-r): Melissa Martin (HHEF), Jon Kirschner (HHHS History Teacher), Craig and Amber Bowen (FC Tucker), and Jarrod Mason (HHHS Principal).

Jon Kirschner, who teaches health at Hamilton Heights High School, has been named as a Husky Hero for February. Kirschner, who is also Head Strength and Conditioning Coach,

Head Football Coach, and Junior Government Sponsor, does a good job of connecting with students and motivating them to be their best. He goes out of his way to provide training to ALL athletes, and the results are impressive.

“Being selected as a Husky hero is very humbling and I feel very honored,” said Jon Kirschner. “It is the kind of award that as a teacher means the most! Within the realm of strength and conditioning I work with a good majority of our student-athletes on a daily basis. My class allows for me to see growth of my students as they progress in their athletic development whether it be executing a squat pattern with greater range of motion or achieve a new personal record on a max out day. Getting to see the hard work students put in the weight room pay off on the fields, courts, mats, pools, and track is the most motivating and reward part of my job. Strength and conditioning extends well beyond the scope of just ‘lifting weights,’ whether it is approaching adversity from a different mindset, leadership, time management, etc., these are the things that keep me going, keep me motivated!

“This person is a husky hero for several reasons,” said Diane Handy. “I think that he gets swept under the rug a lot of times for what he does for our athletes and even non-athletic students. How most teachers can go home when the school day is over, he is still investing into helping each kid or sport become better not just at the high school, but even at the middle school. He offers for free after school training for all athletes and has even opened it up to the middle school yearly to help them get better as well which is not in his job description. He goes above and beyond always of what is asked of him because he truly cares for the students and expects nothing in return.

“You’ll see him at almost every home sporting event with his family supporting the kids,” she continued. “I’ve never seen a teacher this invested before. Not only is he invested in their strength training and sports…but he also goes on a deeper level with the kids to learn about their personal life and what’s going on with them to help them overcome obstacles they may be facing that day, week, or even year. He also runs junior class student government, prom, dances, and several other things he’s involved in. I’ve gotten to work alongside him this semester and he just truly is someone you can tell the kids have full trust in and appreciate what he does for them, but I just don’t think people are aware he’s going 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. or even 8 a.m. -8 p.m. some days helping or supporting kids from both middle school and high school even over the summer as well. This is why I think Jon Kirschner is a Husky Hero.”

Keilah King said her daughter injured her finger in Mr. Kirchner’s APC class. “He personally called that night on his own time to ask how she was doing,” she explained. “I was truly touched and felt I knew my daughter was being well cared for when not in my presence.”

“The award will be a daily reminder of my ‘WHY’ in why I do what I do every day,” Kirschner noted.

Congratulations to our February Husky Hero! Thank you, Jon for making an impactful difference in our schools and being a Husky Hero!

Do you know a Husky Hero? Nomination forms and information about this special recognition program for Hamilton Heights employees are available at: The Husky Hero Recognition program is made possible through the Hamilton Heights Educational Foundation in partnership with Craig and Amber Bowen (FC Tucker). #hhedfoundation

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