Update #103 from Dr. Derek Arrowood, Superintendent, Hamilton Heights School Corporation

Hamilton Heights is extremely fortunate to have the Hamilton Heights Educational Foundation (HHEF). The Foundation was initially created as an opportunity to elevate the learning environment by raising funds to support learning across our campus. The local visionaries who founded the organization, many of whom still live and work in the community, certainly knew it would be a worthwhile endeavor but could not have possibly known how very essential the Foundation would become in the more than three decades since it was established.

Today, the Foundation raises money to return to the classroom in the form of grants that demonstrate innovative and effective ways to meet students’ needs, enhance student achievement, and increase motivation to learn. Last week I was asked to be part of a TransformEd Consulting podcast on the subject of foundations and had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Johnson. This gave me the opportunity to share the value and impact of HHEF and pick up a few tips from another guest. View it here to watch the podcast or here to learn more about how HHEF makes a difference in our classrooms.

I would like to give a shout out to our unified bowling team who will be competing at the 2023 Unified Bowling High School State Tournament this weekend – a first! The combined score of the three teams that competed ranked them at #15 in the state. Good luck!

This is Music in our Schools Month, which gives us an opportunity to celebrate the importance of music education in a child’s education. Our award-winning band and choir along with our robust elementary music program offer a diverse array of musical experiences in a supportive environment that fosters learning, helps build character, camaraderie, and valuable life skills. In addition, music education contributes to a well-rounded educational experience, higher achievement in school, and improved psychological wellbeing. Thank you to our incredible music educators, Mark Snelson (Band-HHHS/HHMS), Billy Cox (Band-HHHS/HHMS), Jennifer Kitzmiller (Choir-HHHS/HHMS), and Morgan Dennhardt (Music-HHES) for providing our students with life-changing and far-reaching musical experiences at Heights.

March is also Youth Art Month. Like math, science, or history, the arts are a way of knowing and understanding the world and the complexity of the human experience. Arts education builds an appreciation for the arts, and provides students with an introduction to artistic disciplines, techniques, and major movements that serves as a foundation for lifelong engagement. Our amazing art educators, Taylor Myers (HHHS), Erin Goodman (HHMS), and Cheri Trachtman (HHES), open the door to the unlimited possibilities of creative expression at Heights.

Through their leadership, they advocate for the power of art and its impact on student achievement. Learning how to draw, paint, mold clay, or just appreciate the works made by others can help students become happier, healthier, and better people overall. The displays of students’ creativity, which can be found on the walls throughout our campus, inspire, lift, and connect us all. #WeAreHuskies

-Dr. Derek Arrowood is the Superintendent of the Hamilton Heights School Corporation.

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