Offers Candidate Info, More

The League of Women Voters of Hamilton County offers a one-stop resource for voters looking for info about the upcoming May 2 primary elections. is a nonpartisan resource that provides ways to access candidate information and bios and to find polling place locations, among other services.

“Vote411 is the best online election resource,” said Lisa Dick, president of the local league. “One of our group’s focuses for primary and general elections is to prepare this guide for all of Hamilton County’s voters.” League members have sought information from all candidates running in the primary this year. They are contributing this information to the national Vote411 website so that Hamilton County users can see who is running in their areas and learn more about their platforms.

When logging onto, simply enter your address, and all the information on the next page will be tailored to your area. You’ll see descriptions of the office, then photos and bios of the candidates who responded to the league’s request for info. Dick said each candidate was sent a survey by email or postal mail, and their responses were entered by their own representatives. The league does not edit candidate responses.

Dick added a few reminders for primary voters. Indiana’s is a “closed” primary, which means voters select candidates in one party or another. You choose one party to cast all your votes, but you do not have to be a member of that party to choose its ballot.

“In the general election in the fall, you do not have to declare a party and you can vote for anyone on the ballot, regardless of party,” she explained. A list of more primary voting reminders is on the league’s website home page. is free and nonpartisan in keeping with the League of Women Voters’ mission as an organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. Leagues around the nation work to increase understanding of major public policy issues and to influence public policy through education and advocacy.

For more information, visit, the League of Women Voters of Hamilton County  website or its Facebook page.