Nickel Plate Arts Celebrating HATCH Fest Event, Formerly Known As Maker Faire

HATCH Fest, the event formerly known as Maker Faire, will be held on Saturday, June 17 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including the time-honored St. Michael’s Strawberry Festival, the Noblesville Cultural Arts District Juneteenth Celebration, and SERVE Noblesville’s FUN Fest.

HATCH–which stands for Hamilton County Arts, Technology, Craft, and Heritage–is a multi-faceted festival celebrating all that makes Hamilton County such a wonderful place!

Artisans, Makers and Craftspeople from Noblesville and surrounding areas will have amazing, one-of-a-kind creations to sell and area cultural groups, nonprofits, and businesses will be on display around the Courthouse Square with activities, demonstrations, performances and more.

This summer festival is growing and changing in response to one key fact we discovered as we embraced and celebrated makers over the years: Making is about a lot more than arts & crafts! So many of the artists and craftspeople who have been a part of this event in the past create art inspired by their own cultural experiences. Our community is constantly making new pathways to expand and celebrate Hamilton County’s culture, and our new name for this event allows us to revel in that never-ending process.

“FUN Fest is where we get to celebrate all things Noblesville and showcase our number one asset that makes our town so undeniably awesome: our people!” says Patrick Propst, the Executive Director of SERVE Noblesville. “From Roberts Settlement to the community members who are represented by the 50+ languages spoken in our high school, FUN Fest is a chance for us to meet, celebrate, and learn about the beauty of life when shared alongside one another.”

Local artisans interested in selling their wares and businesses interested in sponsoring this high-traffic event are encouraged to fill out an application by May 26 at noon. Thanks to the Hamilton County Community Foundation, all entrepreneurs under the age of 18 will have their booth fee waived.

Support local emerging entrepreneurs, explore local culture, do some Father’s Day shopping, celebrate Juneteenth, and grab some strawberry shortcake at this free family-friendly event.

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