Noblesville Schools Launches Community Feedback Survey

Noblesville Schools announced yesterday that they are seeking input from Noblesville residents through an online community survey. The survey, which launched on April 11, is the first time the district has gathered comprehensive feedback in this manner since 2015.

The online survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and measures Noblesville Schools on several different factors including academics, leadership, safety, communication, finances and more.

“These survey results will provide important guidance to school leaders going forward and we invite all residents, even those without children currently in school, to participate,” said Marnie Cooke, director of communications for the district.

The survey is being administered by Practical Insights and Schlesinger Associates, independent research firms bound to a code of conduct that maintains neutrality on issues and protects respondents’ confidentiality.

The online survey will be available at until May 13, 2022. The district plans to summarize and share results with the community this summer.