Attorney General Rokita Leads Effort to Protect Equal Opportunities for Women

Attorney General Todd Rokita

Attorney General Todd Rokita is leading an 18-state coalition demanding that President Joe Biden back off plans to demolish protections for women contained in federal law.

President Biden has proposed sweeping changes to Title IX of the Education Amendments that would expand the law to cover transgender individuals.

“We must follow the science and Hoosier common sense,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Sex is obvious and biological whereas gender is often depicted as something fluid and subjective. To sustain meaningful protections of equal opportunity, we must be guided by the innate immutability of biological sex rather than faddish notions propagated by woke Hollywood, corporate, and media types.”

Leftists’ portrayals of their Title IX agenda have been dishonest and inaccurate, Attorney General Rokita added.

“Biden’s proposals are far more radical than simply redefining, revising or updating Title IX,” Rokita said. “To the contrary, he wants to positively destroy Title IX and the progress it represents for girls and women across the United States.”

Rokita and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen have co-led a letter to the Biden administration also signed by 16 other attorneys general.

“Injecting transgender extremism into Title IX would absolutely eviscerate the intended goal of preventing sex discrimination,” Attorney General Rokita said. “This unconscionable action constitutes a frontal assault on equal opportunity for girls and women.”

On this same principle, Rokita is steadfastly defending a new Indiana law that prohibits biological males from competing for spots on girls’ sports teams in K-12 schools.

“Women have fought for equality for decades and to receive the same opportunities as men,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Our country seems to have turned its back on these efforts. The pressure to cave is immense as woke corporations, Joe Biden, Hollywood, and cultural elites push their radical gender agenda.”