‘Eyes Up, Just Drive’ Campaign Targets Distracted Driving in Central Indiana this Summer

Deaths from car crashes in Central Indiana were higher than any previous year in 2020, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) says distracted driving was a big factor. To reduce future crashes, the IMPO is launching the “Eyes Up, Just Drive.” campaign to urge drivers to pay attention to their surroundings and protect themselves and those around them.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Crash Data Dashboard tracks crashes by location, whether the crash caused an incapacitating injury or death, and whether it involved pedestrians or cyclists.  In 2020, 207 people died and 3,927 people suffered incapacitating injuries as a result of car crashes in the eight-county region.

“While distracted driving is not always reported, we know anecdotally it contributes to many crashes,” said Anna Gremling, executive director of the IMPO. “Even though it’s illegal to drive while using a handheld phone in Indiana, you see drivers doing it all the time.”

The $60,000 education campaign includes billboards throughout the region and ads on the back of IndyGo buses and on social media and Spotify, as well as radio spots on Radio Latina and Urban One, and print ads in the Indianapolis Recorder and La Voz.

All of the creative materials feature the tagline, “Eyes Up, Just Drive.” and include pedestrians, cyclists, kids playing and or people living with a disability.

The creative materials for the campaign feature powerful images, including this graphic video about distracted driving and texting created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The IMPO plans and programs federal transportation funds for roads, transit, non-motorized transportation, and other means of moving people and goods in the 8-county, Central Indiana region.