Letter to the Editor: Writer: Beware of Fake Friends

Dear Editor,

Unfortunately, Ukraine has fake friends in the West and around the world.  Ukraine was attacked by Russia.  Thousands of peaceful, innocent Ukrainians have died.  Russia devastated civilian housing, infrastructure, and living needs.

But Henry Kissinger and other “fake friends” warn the West not to humiliate Putin.  What nonsense!  Putin has already humiliated himself with his greedy, stupid, blood-thirsty decisions and actions.

The goal should be to defend Ukraine and save Ukrainian lives.  To do that, the West must give Ukraine weapons that will strike into Russia!  All the roads, bridges, and railways within 300 miles of the Ukrainian border must be destroyed.  All the Russian air force bases within 300 miles of the border should be destroyed.  The Russians use those roads, bridges, and railways to bring more soldiers, weapons, munitions, food, and fuel to Russian forces already in Ukraine.  Cutting off the new supplies and forces will help “starve” the Russian military in Ukraine so that it must stop fighting for lack of supplies.  That will save Ukrainian lives.

If the West does not give weapons to strike into Russia, then the West is silently approving and supporting the Russian attack to eliminate Ukraine and Ukrainian people through a slow genocide.

What Adolph Hitler tried to do to Jews in the 20sth century, Vladimir Putin is trying to do to Ukrainians in the 21st century.  Putin is a modern day Hitler.  Let’s refer to him as “Putler”.  Let’s give Ukraine what it needs to make the Russians hurt so much that they cry “Stop!  We want peace!”

Woodrow Wilcox
Dyer, Ind.