Noblesville PD Debuts Online Reporting Site

The Noblesville Police Department has an online non-emergency incident reporting system to make reporting more accessible and instant for Noblesville residents. The department can now accept online report submissions at

The new website allows Noblesville residents to submit a form to request a report for damage or stolen property, identity theft, and lost or stolen property. The online portal is intended for incidents where there is no suspect information.

“If you have an incident where an officer is not needed, online reporting allows residents to use their computer or mobile device when it is convenient in their busy schedule to report issues,” NPD Chief John Mann said. “The website is not monitored in real time, so we urge residents to call 911 if the incident is an emergency or an officer is needed to respond immediately.”

The goal of the online portal is to make it easier for our residents to notify the police department on incidents that may normally go unreported. This will allow the Noblesville Police Department to direct patrols in specific problem areas as well as assist residents with getting a report for insurance and reimbursement purposes.

“Online incidents will be handled and investigated like issues reported if a police officer had responded to your residence or business and could result in follow-up contact from the police department. The goal is to make this more accessible for the public,” Mann said.

Once the report is submitted through the portal, an officer will review the information and complete the report or contact the submitter directly if more information is needed. For more information or to submit a report online, visit