Times’ Managing Editor Promoted to General Manager

The Times has announced the promotion of Joe LaRue from managing editor to general manager. He takes over the position effective immediately.

As general manager, LaRue will be responsible for business activities including advertising, marketing and event planning, as well as maintaining responsibility for news gathering and production.

LaRue is a 2021 graduate of Wabash College. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, he graduated with a double major in English and Rhetoric and a minor in Political Science. He previously served for The Times’ sister publication, The Paper of Montgomery County, as an intern in 2019.

LaRue won two writing awards at Wabash: the 2021 Walter J. Fertig Prize in English, which recognizes a member (or members) of the junior and senior class who “demonstrates the greatest skill and originality in created writing in a course offered by the English Department.” He also won the 2021 Nicholas McCarty Harrison Essay Award, awarded to students, “who submit the best essays in the field of American studies.”

On his promotion, LaRue said, “I’m incredibly excited to take this step forward and increase my responsibilities. It’s been a privilege having this job so far, and I hope I can help strengthen our business and provide a great newspaper to our readers.”

Sagamore News Media CEO Tim Timmons agreed. “Joe is an incredibly talented young man and we’re excited to be part of his career path. I’ve known Joe since his junior year at Wabash and he has consistently demonstrated an eagerness to learn and a passion for this industry. I’m excited to watch where he is going to take The Times.”