Reader Defends Todd Rokita

Dear Editor,

Conservatives are being silenced.  While the left side is allowed to say or do anything with no accountability, people on the right are being prosecuted for telling the truth.

The latest display of unfair prosecution are the charges being brought against our Attorney General Todd Rokita for doing a television interview.  How dare he inform the public?! 

The charges stem from a case where an abortion doctor violated a patient’s privacy by disclosing the abortion was on a 10-year-old victim.  This doctor was held accountable for her responsible act by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.  The bad acting doctor was rightfully both publicly fined and reprimanded for her confidentiality failure.

During an interview, Rokita was asked about the case, which is still ongoing, but there have been public outcomes already revealed.  Well, to shut him up from exposing this bad acting abortion doctor, the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission has filed charges against our Attorney General.  If this had nothing to do with abortion, we all know no charges would have been filed. 

It is time to stop silencing people and reject that our supreme court has gone over to the dark side with their heavy-handed tactics of keeping the information on this abortion provider hidden.  I appreciate that our Attorney General Todd Rokita is and has been honest with Hoosiers.

All Hoosiers should stand behind an Attorney General who has done nothing wrong.

Micah Beckwith