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  • Retiring soon - when do I claim Social Security?
    3/28/2020 Dear Rusty: I turned 63 Aug. 12th, 2019. I will be retiring June 30th, 2020 from my current job. I will have made approximately $35,000 by then and am receiving severance pay of $19,000 on June 30th. Will the pay I receive through June 30th affect what I can draw from Social Security? Also, how much of a difference would it be if I wait until Aug. 12th, 2020 to officially start drawing Social Security? Is there any other information I should be aware of before I start drawing Social Security? Signed: Anxious to Retire
  • Let’s abide by the governor’s orders
    3/28/2020 We’re all in this together.
    So let’s please be nice to one another, while abiding by Gov. Eric J. Holcomb’s executive orders.
    This week, I saw on a Noblesville Facebook group that someone had the boldness to snap photos of shoppers wearing masks, then blast them on how they shouldn’t be wearing masks when others in the health field needed the masks.
  • A planned rally is lame; forge onward onto light
    3/27/2020 Tired of working for less money than you think you’re worth?
    Then march in to the boss’ office and demand at least, at the very least, a 10 percent raise.
    Tell them that you are not going to be taken advantage of anymore.
    Tell them that you are better than most of the clowns you work with.
    Tell them that you have paid your dues and it’s time for you to be paid back.
  • Adoptions cease, shelter has set hours for fostering, intake
    3/27/2020 Many of you may be enjoying more life with the family since the Governor’s recent executive order to “Stay at Home.”
    And often that home life includes a furry friend or two to keep you company.
    In fact, 67 percent of households in the nation, or about 85 million families own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association.
    About 48.2 million households own dogs and almost 32 million households own cats, according to the most recent report of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
    And as you’re enjoying time at home with your pet, you may have also been wondering about the shelter animals’ needs at the Humane Society for Hamilton County.
  • Teacher parades show support for their students
    3/26/2020 Everybody loves a parade. Especially elementary school students who adore and miss their teachers.
    Noblesville elementary school teachers and staff this week decorated their vehicles, waved handmade posters and honked their horns at their students, who smiled and waved back at them, some with their own posters.
  • Keeping record straight on 19th Amendment struggles
    3/25/2020 I didn’t want to let Women’s History Month go by without noting that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote.
    With so many of the earliest local newspapers missing, it’s not clear exactly when the notion of women voting first popped up in Hamilton County. I can, however, tell you that a two-day “Woman’s Rights Convention” was held in Westfield in 1869. (1869!)
  • 2020 Mazda CX-9 is the three-row crossover for art fairs
    3/25/2020 By Casey Williams

    Most three-row crossovers look like two-brick behemoths “designed” for passenger space over beauty. And, for most large crossover owners, that’s a trade they’re willing to make. But, what about those of us who need comfortable space for at least six, but want an attractive car that’s just as enjoyable with only one or two aboard? Mazda has the answer in the 2020 CX-9 Signature series.
  • Superintendent sympathetic to effects of closure
    3/25/2020 All Noblesville Schools’ activities, trips and events have been canceled through at least May 1, including prom.
    Yes, it’s sad for students, particularly seniors.
    District Superintendent Beth Niedermeyer meets with her leadership team, sometimes several times a day, to address the rapidly changing environment.
    If students return to classes in May, there is still a possibility of a high-school spring dance, she said.
  • Conner Prairie still changing the world
    3/24/2020 Just 15 days ago, my Conner Prairie youth volunteer daughter was dressed in her 1836 costume and headed to Conner Prairie to appear in a tourism video for the Fishers museum.
    The same week, Youth Leaders decided to cancel a couple of non-public youth events, that included spinning at the museum’s textile studio and a field trip, because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) pandemic.
    It wasn’t long until youth volunteers were informed that Conner Prairie would close public programming for the next couple of weeks.
  • “If it weren’t for bad luck”
    3/21/2020 For your reading pleasure, the first page of my COVID-19 journal-
    Quarantine Day One: Twelve-year-old Hudson Charles was up bright and early, playing video games, and helping sort out my work-from-home technical issues. He produced the proper cable from god-knows-where, and helped rearrange furniture so that I could move my desk and plug into the router.
    He also noted that the people who are saying the world is coming to an end, are the same people who say God promised to never flood the earth again.
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