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  • Noblesville actress connects audiences with ‘Our Town’
    9/22/2018 Have you ever wondered how actors remember all of their lines? 
    How do they deliver flawlessly night after night? Does it get easier? Are there moments that their mind goes blank? Does a live audience make them nervous?
    As show producer of The Belfry Theatre’s “Our Town” drama, which is in its second weekend of an eight-show run, I had the opportunity on Friday morning to have a conversation with Noblesville’s Susan Hill. She plays the role of Stage Manager in the play, celebrating its 80th year and which continues through Sept. 30 at the Noblesville theater. Tickets are still available.
  • 9/22/2018 “What’s in here?” I asked Mary Ellen as I started to open still another carton the movers had deposited in the lower level of our new home.
    “What does it say on the box?” she asked.
    “It just says STUFF,” I said.
    “Well, that sounds like your kind of labeling system, Dick. A few years ago when we got new carpet, you did the packing alphabetically.  The cat ended up in the same box as the computer.”
    Before she finished her sentence, I realized this was not a box from our current move, but a box still unopened from two moves ago in 1985. I apparently hadn’t missed whatever was in it for almost 35 years. Anything called “stuff” couldn’t be that important, anyway.
  • 9/22/2018 Join us for the opening reception of "Stories of Gun Violence from Across America: Indianapolis" at Noblesville City Hall, Monday, September 24. This multimedia exhibit explores the stories of gun violence survivors, family members, and others who experience the "second hand smoke" of this American epidemic through honest storytelling and by bringing stories of trauma, grief, and strength to life - without agenda.  
        Did you read the last two words of this opening paragraph? Without agenda. Gun violence is a thing; it is real ya’all. At least two people I have invited to this opening have said some thing like, “I don’t believe in gun violence.” Or “Why do you want to take away our guns?” Oh my gosh! These photojournalist’s portraits are real, the commentary is in the photos, in the faces. Is it not possible to have a civil conversation around why we are experiencing gun violence in our schools, neighborhoods and cities? There are multilayered reasons for gun violence. There is not one answer, or simple understandings about this epidemic, but to just ignore it happens is just plain wrong. The sin of omission. In my opinion, this is another epidemic in our world today.
  • Noblesville Brewfest keeps our community pool afloat
    9/21/2018 Noblesville Brewfest organizers are loving Saturday’s weather forecast of partly sunny with a high of 68 F. 
    Perfect weather for knocking down a few cold ones with friends at Forest Park, while jamming to live music by local band Poparazzi, playing a game of cornhole and chowing down on tasty grub from local food trucks.
    The Noblesville Brewfest & Wine Garden is from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday in Forest Park.
    Guests pay $40 in advance or $50 at the door for four hours of sampling a choice of more than 250 beers and more than 50 wines while raising money to keep our wonderful Forest Park Aquatic Center open for another pool season.
    “Corn hole games are back after a year hiatus,” said Greg Baker, the Brewfest’s director and a volunteer with Friends of Central Pool, a nonprofit that operates the aquatic center. 
  • 9/21/2018 Dear Rusty: I will be 67 years old this September and have been receiving my Social Security benefits since September of last year (2017). I’ve found that I do not need the money now, and since I don’t need the money, I’m wondering if can I repay what I’ve already collected and just wait until I’m 70 to get a larger benefit? Signed: Changed My Mind
  • 9/21/2018 I’ve got some reader emails to catch up on!
    After the column on pawpaws ran, I heard from several people who’d never tasted the unusual native fruit.
    Those of you who would like to try pawpaws will be pleased to know Nicole Kobrowski located a possible source (other than some friend or neighbor’s tree.) Marketwagon.com, an online business that delivers local food from farms and artisans, is currently displaying pawpaws on their product list.
    I’ve never used this company, so I can’t say anything about their service one way or the other, but this does prove it’s possible to find pawpaws for sale in this area if you look around. The company lists its source as Fruit Loop Acres (don’t you love the name?,) a permaculture fruit farm located in Indianapolis.
  • Banker's loyalty is ‘Forever Plaid’
    9/20/2018 Recently, I received a personal email from Noblesville banker Syd Loomis, who was saying “hello” to “all 417” of his “closest friends.”
    He was sharing with us the news of being cast, again, in Carmel Community Players’ musical, “Forever Plaid,” by Stuart Ross. 
    I say “again” because Loomis was originally cast in the role of Jinx in this four-man show in 2001, when CCP performed it. 
    “I fell in love with the role, the play and especially the music,” said Loomis, who then reprised his role for 10 years consecutively with more than 40 performances at more than a dozen large and small venues across Indiana, from the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Indianapolis to the First Presbyterian Church of Noblesville.
  • Guest Column - Why are high-quality teachers leaving Noblesville?
    9/20/2018 We have a serious challenge at Noblesville Schools that we have been struggling with since 2017. High-quality teachers are leaving our district in the midst of a significant, statewide teacher shortage.
    Replacing expert teachers when they leave isn’t as easy as it used to be, and this is especially true of teachers with specialized skills sets like science, technology, engineering, and math. Evidence and experience have decisively shown that strong teachers are the most important factor in student academic and interpersonal success, so their loss is especially troubling. 
    In the last 18 months 70% of teachers who left Noblesville Schools left specifically for a higher salary. The increase they left for was substantial and they didn’t have to go far.
  • 9/20/2018 I flew to New Hampshire without my luggage. It’s not lost, mind you. I know its exact location; right smack dab in the middle of my living room. Eager to get to my conference, I simply jumped in the car and drove to the airport empty-handed.  
    Standing in the parking garage, staring interminably into the empty boot of my vehicle, I finally had to accept that my suitcase was not going to appear. 
    The Mall of New Hampshire wasn’t busy when I arrived.  I made a beeline straight for the Macy’s clearance racks, and attempted to find a dinner dress that would not require purchasing a new pair of Spanx. 
    In the dressing room, a small voice called out, “Is anyone here?” 
    “I’m here,” I replied.
    “Can you give me an opinion?” 
  • More points of sale for Miller spirit wear
    9/19/2018 I always love to go to Noblesville High School sporting events and stop in at the school’s spirit-wear shop to see what’s new.
    At football and games, I’ve found sweatshirts, long-sleeve T-shirts, foam fingers, hoodies, pop sockets, seat cushions and more.
    With this being Noblesville Schools Homecoming Week, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about the district’s Miller Mall, an E-store that opened earlier this year with officially-branded clothing and school spirit items.
    Plus, even better, a significant portion of the Miller Mall proceeds goes directly to fund educational needs of Noblesville Schools.
    And while some items take two weeks for delivery, there are many items that customers can get right away, even delivered to their home. Except umbrellas, because there isn’t a box for them. What’s extra nice is that the source of the Miller Mall is Noblesville-based T&T Sales and Promotions, which manages the online store. 
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