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  • 2/23/2018 Rick Benick was just a little kid when he saw Elvis Presley and The Beatles appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
    But he knew he wanted to be a guitar player and perform on stage some day.
    He got his first electric“Truetone” guitar from Western Auto in 1964, when he was 12. 
    Benick would play guitar with friends at his house. During junior high, he played gigs in his school cafeteria.
    He took guitar lessons but didn’t like them, so he quit. But he kept teaching himself.
    “I didn’t know I was good until people started telling me I was good,” said Benick, 66, Noblesville, who went on to become nationally known as one of the best guitarists in the business, playing for Roadmaster, Henry Lee Summer, Mitch Ryder and The Alligator Brothers.
    For fans, it will be like stepping back in time this Sunday as he gathers with old band members for “Rick Benick: A Benefit Concert,” for which he will be the benefactor. In late 2017, Benick was diagnosed with leukemia.
  • 2/23/2018 It’s been a long time since I’ve tested your Hamilton County knowledge — mainly because I couldn’t come up with a good category. I’ve got one now, though.
    Today you’ll be quizzed on “Hamilton County Nicknames.” All the questions and answers deal with towns, or parts of towns, in this county which have had “unofficial” names.
    Remember how the game is played. It’s just like a certain television show (which I’m not mentioning in order to keep the host from showing up at my house with a lawsuit!) I’ll give you the answer and you come up with the correct question.
  • Lions dodgeball needs your help
    2/22/2018 Noblesville Lions Club’s Dave Marsh has been working on a new dodgeball fundraiser for months, and he personally has put in more than 200 hours, used three reams of copy paper, logged 100 miles of travel and sent out more than 200 emails. 
    Club members have recruited sponsors and teams and have signed up to work concessions, to stage teams, to keep time and scores, to mark off courts, to set up divider nets and to post sponsor signage.
    Everything is set to be in place. But the Lions’ first attempt at a new fundraiser “is in some trouble.”
    While the Lions have brought in more than $6,000 in sponsors and have a potentially great event planned, the dodgeball tournament is only 16 days away, and 10 teams are still needed to fill the 16-team field for the tournament.
  • 2/22/2018 Last week I had a young patient ask me what the difference is between an MRI and a CT scan. Not long after that, I noticed an error in a newspaper article that mixed up the two technologies.
    Radiologic imaging of the human body has revolutionized the diagnostic accuracy of physicians. However, it has also had the negative effect of reducing our reliance on a good medical history and physical examination.
    There is also a real concern about patients receiving too much radiation over their lifetimes as a result of having too many CT scans (more below). This is particularly concerning in children who may receive numerous scans over their lifetimes that may increase their risk of cancer.
    We are the only country in the world where a CT and/or MRI scanner is in the neighborhood of virtually every citizen. While this is convenient, it leads to over-utilization of these very expensive and sometimes unnecessary technologies.
  • On the Importance of Becoming a Coffee Drinker
    2/22/2018 I’ve been working up to it for two months, and I’m pleased to announce that today, I successfully finished my first cup of coffee! Without sugar! I think I’m finally a grown up.
    I’ve always felt like I was missing out by not drinking coffee, and I finally grew weary of rejecting the cups offered to me, so I set out on a mission to acquire the taste.
    If one wants to achieve a goal, it is important to equip oneself with the proper tools. So, I went to Target and picked up a coffee maker, three types of coffee, and various flavored creamers. Since the goal was to drink coffee whenever it is offered to me by others, I didn’t want to become dependent on certain flavors. But it was important to have a palatable starting point.
    Unfortunately, I got completely hooked on iced coffee with loads of cream and sweetener, which sort of defeated the purpose. However, the coffee flavor must have come through because today was the day!
  • A new class of youth volunteers
    2/21/2018 They told corny jokes. They tried to make each other laugh. They played ice-breaker games to get to know each other. 
    The 2018 incoming class of Conner Prairie’s new youth volunteers on Saturday all gathered for the first time together at the interactive history park in Fishers.
    “This is the biggest class we’ve ever had,” said Sarah Morin-Wilson, Conner Prairie’s youth experience manager, as she welcomed the new volunteers. 
    Becoming a youth volunteer is highly competitive. This year, of the 105 kids ages 10-18 who applied to be youth volunteers, only 57 applicants were selected to move on the interview round. And of those, only 34 kids were actually invited to be a part of the youth volunteer program. 
    The new class helps make up the 118 total youth volunteers this year at Conner Prairie, which opens for the season on March 27. 
    With a daily general attendance increase of 13 percent from 2016, to 175,040 in 2017, and an overall attendance increase of 10 percent from 2016, to 428,602 in 2017, more youth volunteers are needed now than ever before.
  • 2/21/2018 For the past several years I have had the pleasure of reading this weekly humor column on WFYI radio. In preparation for broadcast on a new station, I was listening to some old audio files and realized that, like so many other people, I don’t like the sound of my recorded voice. This reminded me of a dear friend who I wrote about five years ago when he passed away, a man who really did have a voice for radio.
    John Gillis was as tall as a grizzly bear, but as gentle as a teddy bear. The 40-year veteran of Indiana radio was an iconic figure. His loyal listeners looked up to him. “I guess being 6' 4" was a big help,” he once told me.
    John loved the sound of his own voice. I offer this as high praise, because each word that tumbled off his tongue was not only meticulously chosen, but it was savored by listeners for still another nanosecond before he went on to the next. “His 60-second traffic reports,” said longtime associate Jeff Pigeon at John’s funeral, “lasted about eight minutes.”
  • 2/19/2018 Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Indiana, following heart disease. About 2.4 million Hoosiers, or 2 out of every 5 people now living in Indiana, will eventually develop cancer. To help raise cancer awareness and support those affected by the disease, House lawmakers participated last week in the Suits and Sneakers Challenge, hosted annually at the Statehouse by the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. February is recognized as National Cancer Prevention Month, which is the opportune time to learn about the steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of cancer and save lives.
  • Investing in Our Best Asset - Downtown
    2/18/2018 When people ask me what makes Noblesville unique, the answer is easy. We have what so many communities are attempting to create: an authentic, historic and vibrant downtown. The historic charm that is our square sets us apart from our neighbors. It was with this in mind that the Common Council sought out to find new ways to invest in our unique identifier - Downtown Noblesville.
    In 2016, an additional $500,000 was set aside annually to be solely invested in our downtown.
    Additionally, a new “Downtown District” committee was established made up of council members, business owners and community members. Their task was simple: to identify and support the needs of our beloved downtown. They believe that a downtown with preserved brick-lined streets, alleys that have been creatively repurposed for public use, a riverfront lined with accessible walkways and a historic courthouse is worth investing in. 
    This group has spent tireless hours poring over ways to improve and enhance our downtown, while maintaining its historic charm and beauty. 
  • 2/17/2018 The school principals and teachers are ready, and the excitement is building.
    Every two years since 2012, Noblesville Schools Education Foundation invites in the Harlem Wizards basketball team as a fundraiser for the district.
    Well, it’s that time again. Harlem Wizards will return this Wednesday to The Mill.
    For those who haven’t experienced a Harlem Wizards show, it is definitely one not to miss.
    The world-famous team shows off its slam dunks, tricks, hoops and alley oops while playing against Noblesville Schools Mighty Millers, made up of our favorite teachers and principals and staff..
    There are so many fun things about attending this game. 
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