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  • 8/24/2019 There are many ways to pray, too many to number really. Most of us think of the traditional prayer pose of bowed head, and clasped hands. Many times, when I lie in bed awake with thoughts, my eyes fly open in the dark and I speak to God requesting that I hear her sing me to sleep with peace and mercy. Prayer offers us day and night time opportunities to come to God with words while seeking — through the language of petition and supplication. Prayer comes in waves of asking and listening, perceiving and moving. It is not in the request or petition, but in the searching and wrestling that we hope to gain clarity. 
  • Champion griller, top 4-H’er learns life skills
    8/24/2019 Evelyn Burton grew up a 4-H’er in Howard County, and her parents were both 4-H’ers before that, her mom in Wabash County, and her dad, in Rush County.
    So it was kind of expected that her two sons, Alan and Daniel, would be in 4-H, too.

    “It was never something we even talked about. It was just expected that they would be a part of the 4-H program,” said the Noblesville mom, whose late mother, Rebecca Wilson, was Hamilton County’s Microwave project leader for many years.
    “Fortunately, both of my boys were outgoing, and they both loved it once they got into it. It was never a question or a battle. They just both enjoyed it.”
    Today, Evelyn Burton is thankful for the 4-H program. She said, “I just think it’s one of the best programs for young people.”
  • 8/23/2019 Mary Ellen and I just returned from a trip to San Francisco with our friends the Murphys. The last time we were in California was 40 years ago on our honeymoon, but we weren’t going to let one bad experience prevent us from giving The Golden State another try. 
    On this vacation, we stayed at a very old hotel, which you would think would be a good choice for four kinda old people. After all, we got a senior discount on the room, and a dinner menu with early-bird senior specials. Why then, I wondered, did we end up with a bathtub that would be a challenge for a 20-year-old Olympic pole vaulter? 
    The tub was probably in that bathroom since the early 1900s, a time in our history when the average lifespan was 47 years, unless someone never took a bath or shower and then could probably make it to 60 without breaking his neck. 
    This ancient relic, known as a claw foot tub, had sides that were three feet high, and there were no railings or rubber bathmats to reduce the chance of slipping when entering or exiting the combination tub/shower. This freaked out my wife.
  • Township Trustee supports greater good of Noblesville
    8/23/2019 I’d like to start this column by thanking the Noblesville Township Trustee. 

    The job of elected Township Trustee Tom Kenley is to be a good steward of our township taxpayer dollars and donations. And I think he does a good job.

    A lot of nonprofit organizations are vying for grant dollars every year from the Noblesville Township, which has a board made up of three other elected officials, Joe Arrowood, John Davis and Peggy Pfister.
    Over the summer, more than 1,000 Noblesville students took advantage of Summer Recreation Camps thanks to the Township’s estimated $25,000 in grant monies. The money was used to hire camp teachers, coaches and leaders, and purchase camp materials and provide camp activities for the student participants in Grades 1-8.

    “We received several thank-you emails from parents. That’s kind of nice to get that feedback,” Kenley said.
  • 8/22/2019 I’m a simple guy. Always have been, and at this point in my life pretty sure I always will be.
    The green grass of a well-kept baseball diamond, covered bridges, daughters and grandsons, my best friend and the many good deeds that good newspapers do . . . those are some of my warm and fuzzies.
    Conversely, rudeness, things that are unfair, mean-spirited jerks (you know who you are) and the lunacy that is becoming our country give me cause for despair.
    Why the sharing? Because every once in a while, you just have to get a few things off your chest. And for those reading these meanderings, I beg your indulgence.
    Let’s start with Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar and their aborted trip to Israel. Look, they have every right to dislike Israel, and frankly, Israel has every right to say to them, hey thanks, but no thanks.
    That’s pretty much what happened, but of course when a decision is reached that someone doesn’t agree with, today’s world stops revolving and Katy bar the door ‘cause there’s gonna be some fisticuffs?
  • White River Monster to ‘pop up’ for art show, celebration
    8/22/2019 There’s been lots of talk lately about the “White River Monster,” a tall tale from 1892 of a Loch Ness-style sea serpent lurking in White River.
    This Sunday, the monster is expected to rear its ugly head for the kickoff of a White River celebration that will continue through November.
    Hamilton County Artists’ Association is getting in on the celebration plans, too, with the release of a commemorative pop-up greeting card, which will be available at the 69th annual HCAA Art Exhibit. It opened Wednesday and continues through Aug. 30 at Carmel Clay Public Library, with an artists’ reception from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, open to the public.
    Karen Fehr of Carmel, a watercolorist and member of HCAA has for years led a weeklong summer art camp for youth at HCAA’s Birdie Gallery. She picks the topics, art mediums and themes for a morning and afternoon classes of 20 each, ages 8-13.
    This year, one of her summer art camp projects was to create pop-up cards.
  • 8/21/2019 I continue to be amazed when I ask women what the number one killer of women is, the majority respond, “breast cancer.” While breast cancer is the number one cancer killer of women, and is estimated to have claimed about 40,000 women last year, it is not the biggest threat women face. It’s estimated that ten times that many died of heart disease last year.
    Cardiovascular disease is arguably the most important women’s health issue, and is largely preventable. How can women be so unaware that they have a one in 31 chance of dying from breast cancer but a much higher one in three chance of dying from heart disease? Could it be that breast cancer gets so much more coverage in mainstream and social media? Is breast cancer generally more frightening & potentially disfiguring? Is heart disease just plain boring to talk about?
  • 8/21/2019 I recently received an email from my relative, Kermit Ross, with the subject line, “Murder! . . . In Deming!”

    Needless to say, that got my attention.

    It seems Kermit, who now lives in Texas, but grew up in Deming, was researching his family tree when he made the startling discovery that his second great-uncle was the central figure in one of Hamilton County’s biggest murder trials.

    Better make that TWO of the county’s biggest trials. Amasa J. Foulke was tried twice for the murder of his wife — once in 1874 and again, a year later.

    Although newspaper accounts of the 1874 trial are no longer available, the results are well known. Foulke was found guilty of murder in the first degree and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • 3 times is charm
for Heights 4-H’er
    8/21/2019 What’s it take to raise an Indiana State Fair Grand Champion Market Lamb?

    Just ask Noblesville's Lane Slaton.

    It’s the third consecutive year that a lamb he’s raised has achieved the award.

    “My greatest achievements are winning the Indiana State Fair three years in a row and winning both the Ewe and Market Lamb show in the same year,” said Lane Slaton, a Hamilton Heights High School senior.

    That’s right. Not only did the 17-year-old have the Grand Champion Market Lamb, he also had the Supreme Champion Ewe. 

    “To our knowledge, no one has won both in the same year,” Gail Slaton, his mom, said. 
  • 8/16/2019 From the living room my father beckoned me. “Teri, you are on the news” Now, this was certainly a surprise to me, I had not done anything noteworthy for at least three weeks. What he was referring to was the Fox News channel was reporting that the ELCA (my denomination) was a bunch of law breaking, liberal leaning, scripture twisting revolutionaries, bound to helping to aid the “invaders.” This newscast could not have come at a worse time, right before worship. Ugh!
    My denomination, last week, held their triennial Churchwide Assembly, in Milwaukee. This is where we elect our bishop and other leaders, vote on resolutions, and talk about the vision and mission of our Church. There was a lot accomplished at this Assembly, including the celebration of the anniversary of fifty years ordaining women pastors.
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