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  • Living your best life on the season’s edge makes you appreciate little things
    1/21/2020 “I like the edge season!” my husband, Peter, said, as we watched the moon rise over the mountains and felt a chill breeze rise with it. As far as I know, Peter invented this expression. He might have meant the “season’s end,” but I like the idea of the “season’s edge” better.
    Peter and I are staying in the south of Spain and, even here, the season is changing. Restaurants that have been open all summer and fall are finally giving their employees a few days off. Menus are changing, hours are shortening, outdoor tables are now used only during the day and only on days that are sunny. Clouds suddenly appear over the mountains and the diners scatter, looking for somewhere cozy indoors.
    And I agree with Peter: I like it.
  • 2020 Subaru Outback Touring takes luxury and snow in equal doses
    1/21/2020 By Casey Williams
    I’m in Seattle and not sure if the snow will ever stop. Cars are sliding, trucks can’t get up hills, and it’s a challenge just to get out of the hotel parking lot. I just want my family’s 2017 Subaru Outback! We’ve enjoyed having it in the Midwest, and on long trips through the South, but I get why so many people in the Northeast and Northwest buy them. They laugh at snow. With this yuck in mind, I couldn’t wait to drive the completely redesigned 2020 Outback Touring.
  • ‘Side by Side’ directors share love for Sondheim musical
    1/21/2020 Ron Richards has directed theatrical productions at The Belfry Theatre in Noblesville for 30 years.
    Brenna (Campbell) Whitaker has known Richards for the last half of those years, acting in several of his shows.
    Then, they started working together. Richards directs, and Whitaker is his vocal director and assistant director.
  • More info on phone exchanges
    1/21/2020 I’ve got some reader feedback this week!
    After I ran the column on the Delaware Indian villages along White River, Beth Lively wrote that her father frequently plowed up arrowheads on their family farm when she was growing up. The farm was in the Clare/Riverwood area.
    Beth also noted that a team from Ball State that conducted a dig on the farm a few years ago found many artifacts, as well as evidence of a town dating back 8,000 years!
  • If your shoulder hurts these may be some reasons why
    1/20/2020 The next two weeks, I’d like to address shoulder pain and injuries. Most people experience shoulder pain at some point in their life. Doctors typically see it in athletes, people who overuse their shoulders, and others who may have fallen directly on their shoulder or on an outstretched arm.
    To understand shoulder pain, it’s important to know the basic anatomy of the shoulder joint itself (see diagram of the front view of the right shoulder). The shoulder joint is one of the most complex in the body. Most joints permit only a fairly limited range of motion. The anatomy of the shoulder joint, in contrast, allows for a vast range of movements. To be so versatile, It has to be relatively unstable compared to our other joints.
  • Could Indiana and especially Buttigieg feel the Bern?
    1/20/2020 INDIANAPOLIS — Bernie Sanders is rising, and conventional wisdom is that a Democratic nomination of the Vermont Democratic socialist will play right into President Trump’s re-election wheelhouse. But look back to the faint echoes of 2016 here in the Hoosier State, and polling this week from Morning Consult injects doubt into that conventional wisdom.
    Sanders catapulted into the Iowa caucus lead in a Des Moines Register/CNN poll with 20 percent last week. In a Monmouth New Hampshire Poll, former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg had the lead at 20 percent, with Joe Biden at 19 percent, Sanders at 18 percent and Elizabeth Warren at 15 percent.
  • Attention: Parking changes in downtown Noblesville begin today
    1/20/2020 I need to pay more attention to where I park in downtown Noblesville.
    That’s because changes in the parking ordinance go into effect today.
    Say, if I go to a 9 a.m. appointment at Noble Coffee and Tea Co. and park my car on the east side of the Courthouse Square for an hour. Then I leave the Square but return at noon for a 90-minute lunch at The Uptown Cafe, and I park on the south side of the Square.
    With the new parking proposal, I could receive a parking ticket for going over the two-hour limit or returning to that zone on the same day before 5 p.m., even though I didn’t park downtown for more than two hours in one location.
  • Looks like Ginger’s going to make it after all
    1/17/2020 Tuesday morning I will be starting the next leg of my life’s journey. A new job in downtown Indianapolis! For years, I have dreamed of working downtown, probably due to the influences of Marlo Thomas and Mary Tyler Moore.
    As a little girl, living in Pittsboro, Indiana (population 867), I was enthralled with the television shows depicting single women leaving small towns to make their way in the big city.
  • Being in the Council of Representatives in my House of God
    1/17/2020 It is my honor and pleasure to serve on my synod’s, Council of representatives. In layman’s terms this means that our Bishop, William Gafkjen serves as our mayor, and the Council is the policy and fiscal body. The Council is made up of two thirds laypeople and one third ordained pastors and deacons. The Council is elected by area and there are term limits. I am in my second and final term. There is a saying, “You don’t want to see how the sausage is made,” but I have found our governance activity to be a sacred act of participation, in the life of the church.
  • NHS choirs kick off contest season today
    1/17/2020 I awoke Thursday morning to my eighth-grade daughter telling me that we must attend that evening’s Noblesville High School Show Choir Parent Preview Concert.
    It was the first I’d heard about the concert, which was to feature all of the NHS show choirs performing their competitions songs and dances.
    Just as soon as my daughter boarded her school bus, I found an email message about the concert from my daughter’s show choir director. “It’s a great way to see their competition sets for free and show them our support before they start competing this weekend,” Noblesville East Middle School choir director Jordan Rattenbury wrote in an email to choir parents.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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