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  • Screening for cardiovascular disease and lung cancer
    9/22/2020 Doctors nationwide have been seeing a definite uptick in patients going to hospitals and imaging centers to have various screening tests done. The most common are heart and lung CT exams and sometimes ultrasound tests to evaluate for blockages in the arteries in the neck and legs. The scans typically have out-of-pocket costs in the $49 to $99 range and are not covered by insurance. They are promoted to identify early heart disease, artery blockages and/or lung cancer.
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  • Thinking about the influenza virus and it’s effects
    9/1/2020 Fall will soon be here and it’s time to start thinking about the flu. Most people us the term “flu” in a very generic sense, meaning anything from cold symptoms to having a case of vomiting and diarrhea. The “flu” in this column refers to respiratory influenza.
    Records since 2010 indicate the number of deaths from influenza has ranged from 12,000 to 79,000 per year.
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  • Leaflets three…let it be! Poison Ivy, sumac, and oak
    8/18/2020 The weather looks like it’s going to break a bit allowing many of our readers to get back out in the yard to prepare for fall. This will probably result in a lot of rashes showing up in our office. Most of the rashes we see in the summer are caused by poison ivy, one of three plants in Indiana in the genus Toxicodendron. This genus also includes poison sumac, and poison oak.
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  • Concussions and dealing with sports related trauma
    7/28/2020 We continue to see quite a few kids in our office each year with concussions. Usually this is an athletic injury, but it is commonly seen in others as well. Concussions have always been a part of sports, especially those involving high-energy collisions, particularly football, soccer, hockey and basketball. Intensive research, along with lawsuits like the one the NFL Players Association brought against the NFL, are causing research to move rapidly to help us get a firmer grasp on how to prevent and manage concussions.
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  • Women need to know their risks of heart disease
    7/21/2020 I continue to be amazed when I ask ladies what the number one killer of women is, the majority respond, “breast cancer.” While breast cancer is the number one cancer killer of women, and is estimated to have claimed about 40,000 women last year, it is not the biggest threat women face. Ten times that many died of heart disease last year.
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  • Stress Fractures and it’s most common risks
    7/14/2020 I saw a young athlete last week who complained of shin pain. He had been upping his running mileage in preparation for the cross country season. The pain was due to a stress fracture. It is estimated that between 5 and 30 percent of athletes develop a stress fracture each year. Briefhaupt first described the condition in 1855 when examining military recruits, another group that frequently suffers this injury.
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  • What are kidney stones and how do they develop?
    7/7/2020 Kidney stones are a topic near and dear to my heart as I’m a member of the club. Stones are also known as calculi, from the Latin for pebble. They can form and stay in the kidneys (renal calculi or nephrolithiasis) or move down the ureters, the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder (ureteral calculi or urolithiasis). Stones may also be found in the bladder.
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  • Generic or name brand medications: the real difference
    6/30/2020 This week I want to tackle the subject of generic vs. name brand medications. There are a number of reasons this topic is important. First of all, medications in general have become prohibitively expensive for many patients. Insurance companies are also pressuring patients and physicians to prescribe generics whenever possible to reduce health care costs. This is usually a good thing, with some exceptions.
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  • Urinary tract infections and how they can be treated
    6/23/2020 Urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for about eight million visits to physicians each year in the United States. These infections are much more common in adults, particularly in women. Children account for one to two percent of all UTIs, but their infections are often more serious. About 40 percent of women and 12 percent of men have a UTI at some time in their lives.
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  • Heat Illness and how to spot the signs
    6/16/2020 As we tick through the last days of spring, it’s time to start thinking about the dog days of summer. Although I don’t see a significant number of heat-related emergencies in my office, many patients do end up in emergency departments suffering from heat illness.
    These illnesses account tens of thousands of visits each year to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms.
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