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  • 11/14/2020 By Elena Stidham

    Earlier this week, Gov. Eric Holcomb issued an executive order to walk the state back from Stage 5 to more restrictive guidelines – based on the overall performance of each county.
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  • How giving back at holidays fits into your retirement plan 
    11/14/2020 When the holidays approach, Americans feel moved to open their wallets a little more to help the needy.
    And for retirees, that seasonal urge can fit neatly into their overall retirement plan – if they’re intentional about how they go about it.
    “Charitable giving is a frequently neglected area of financial planning, but it’s important for one’s financial health and spiritual and emotional well-being,” says Patrick Rush (www.patrickrushtfa.com), CEO of Triad Financial Advisors and the ForbesBooks author of Gain Big and Give Back: Financial Planning with Intention.
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  • 11/13/2020 By Elena Stidham

    It’s an era of unknowns – unknowns more prevalent than perhaps ever before – with COVID, politics, social unrest and more. 
    Whatever the reason, gun sales have drastically increased. 
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  • Defund Walter Reed? Are liberals nuts?
    11/7/2020 Those desperate for power, as well as those unable to separate reason from emotion, often make fools of themselves – thinking they are at once smarter, possess “unique” experiences (unlike the rest of us), are ideologically pure, and just better at living life. We call those people liberals. 
    A liberal who calls herself a conservative is, well, a less smart liberal. The notion is that she gets credit for conservative compass, allowing her to bash the compass; people who bash their compass often end up on the rocks, or at least miserably lost. They are not good to follow.
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  • Beaver Materials addresses concerns
    10/23/2020 Editor's Note: There have been several comments and letters to the editor on the proposed work near Potter's Bridge Park. The following is from Beaver Materials to share their side of the story.

    To our fellow citizens of Noblesville, 
    The Beaver Materials team has made an effort to listen to and compile concerns expressed by some members of our community, regarding the potential expansion of historic Potter’s Bridge Park. 
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  • Homegrown garnishes add flavor, nutrition and eye appeal to meals
    10/10/2020 Make your meals just a bit more special with homegrown garnishes. You invest time and money growing, purchasing, and preparing quality ingredients. But do not stop there. Add a nutritional and decorative flair as you plate your meal by adding a garnish of homegrown herbs. 
    Parsley is a traditional garnish that is usually left behind on the plate. But the dark green leaves should not be ignored.
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  • Commissioner Heirbrandt shares details in war on drugs
    10/7/2020 Opioid abuse in Indiana is on the rise. While I was researching the troubling effect of opioids on our communities in Indiana, I found these troubling statistics:
    • Every two and a half hours, someone in Indiana is sent to the hospital for an opioid overdose.
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  • 10/3/2020 by Palmer Schoening
    AMAC Action

    “Normally you don’t raise taxes in a recession, which is why we haven’t” former President Obama told Chuck Todd in an August 2009 interview as the economy slugged along towards recovery. Yet President Obama’s former Vice President is now promising to do just that, albeit without much attention from the media.
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  • Author pens book to help, inspire others
    10/1/2020 It’s been 24 years since Michelle Corrao was violently abducted by three men and left for dead in the trunk of her own car.
    Thankfully, she was found by an off-duty police detective. Her abduction, which took place in Fort Wayne, was the final crime in a string of assaults on women in Central Indiana in 1996. Her three assailants are still serving time in prison.
    For Corrao, life would never be the same. 
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  • Shameful side effect of COVID-19 – mindless, deliberate attacks on our way of life
    9/26/2020 The side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may have consequences well beyond the safety measures that have confined our daily lives. The worldwide count of those who have succumbed to the coronavirus is approaching the one million mark; in the U.S. alone more than 200,000 of our friends and neighbors have lost their lives to the disease.
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