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  • 6/30/2020 Dear Hamilton County,
    In Hamilton County alone, COVID-19 caused an estimated $554 million and counting in lost wages. I was heartbroken over the stories of family restaurants struggling to pay rent, new businesses forced to shut their doors or delay opening, and citizens at a loss for work. But through it all, we remained hopeful.
    In an effort to combat rising unemployment and address the significant financial burden caused by COVID-19, our county created the Hamilton County Workforce Recovery Task Force and the Hamilton County Stabilization Fund.
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  • 6/13/2020 By Chris Orestis
    Financial professionals often have this word of advice when the market takes a tumble and your 401(k) and other retirement accounts lose value:
    Ride it out. If you make a move now, you are locking in your losses. The market will come back – if you’re patient.
    That’s great advice for younger investors who have time on their side. It’s less so for retirees who need that money for weekly living expenses right now. With every withdrawal they make, they are lowering the account’s balance, which means when the recovery does happen, they won’t enjoy its full power.
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  • We now know, lives were saved
    6/13/2020 by Robert Charles, National Spokesman for the
    Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]

    As America emerges from COVID-19 and states reopen wholesale or by county, shadows are giving way to sunlight, furrowed brows to smiles, and reality is returning. Four facts define this moment, and they are encouraging – not discouraging.
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  • 6/10/2020 By Becky Terry,
    BGCN Executive Director
    Over the past 67 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville has grown to become a staple of the community as a resource for youth and families of all backgrounds. It’s hard to fathom that it has been 11 weeks since our Club was filled with the sights and sounds of hundreds of kids playing on our playground, doing homework in our learning center or volunteering in community projects. Today, we welcome back all those same familiar sights and sounds.
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  • Let’s not forget health workers, first responders
    5/30/2020 Did you miss someone on Memorial Day? You can be excused if you did, as these particular heroes and heroines may be invisible. Perhaps it’s because they are part of our lives -- the health care workers and first responders that are there for us each and every day. But the COVID crisis is a game changer. The doctors, nurses, aides, EMS workers and the cops on the beat face a clear and present danger, yet they do not hesitate to come to our aid despite the deadly threat of infection.
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  • 5/23/2020 by Molly Bond, Advocacy & Public Policy Coordinator,
    American Booksellers Association
    As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the American Booksellers Association has heard from members all around the country who are struggling financially, including those who are near retirement age (between the ages of 62 and 70). If you are in this age group, you may be considering how early Social Security retirement benefits might play a role in easing your current financial uncertainty.
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  • National Hospital Week highlights vital role of every hospital
    5/16/2020 By Jonathan Nalli?Senior Vice President, Ascension
    It’s difficult to put into words what healthcare professionals have experienced the last few months both professionally and as an integrated health ministry. Ascension St. Vincent’s Mission of commitment to those who are poor and vulnerable has never been more alive and apparent, and through sharing our stories, we can help recognize the enormity of what we’ve done and what hospital systems are challenged to continue doing.
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  • 5/14/2020 Please know we have worked hard to express how much the Class of 2020 is appreciated, valued and will always be remembered. We are sorry that your high school career is ending this way, but we will do our best to let you know that you are appreciated.
    Dr. Craig McCaffrey
    NHS Principal
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  • Rep. Brooks shares details on reopening
    5/12/2020 In recent weeks, attention around the world has turned from managing the spread of coronavirus to how to safely reopen our communities. While we must remain vigilant in combatting and minimizing its spread through social distancing and personal protective equipment and must aggressively pursue effective treatments and preventative measures, finding our “new normal” is top of mind. In this newsletter, I outline the guidelines provided by our nation’s top health experts on how to reopen ALL states safely as well as Indiana’s reopening plans.
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  • What retirees need to know on taxes now
    5/2/2020 By Chris Orestis
    Retirement and the effects of aging come with a lot of changes, but at least one thing remains constant.
    Every year, Uncle Sam wants to make sure you’re paying any taxes you might owe him, and that’s true whether you are retired or not. That said, though, there are tax rules that are specific to older Americans, so it’s important to be aware of the different ways you might be able to reduce your tax bill that weren’t available to you when you were younger.
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