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  • "Pawsing" to count my furry blessings
    11/25/2020 I didn’t intend to write another Thanksgiving column about how grateful I am for the felines in my household, but the truth is, when I start counting my blessings, Beau and Peyton are right up there at the top of the list.
    In a year most of us wouldn’t mind forgetting, my furry little boys have had me smiling more often than not, and sometimes even laughing out loud.
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  • William Conner and the Bloody Three Hundred
    11/18/2020 Not long ago I ran across an 1898 Indianapolis News story that got me thinking about my Conner Prairie days.
    When I worked at the museum as a costumed interpreter in the late 1970s and early ‘80s, all the public buildings, with the exception of the visitors center, were portrayed as existing in the year 1836 — even the Conner house.
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  • Autumn OK, at least in garden
    11/11/2020 Up to a point, I like autumn just fine — the colorful foliage, the spicy nip in the air, the trips to Gatewood’s for persimmon pulp and Stuckey’s cider — but once my garden is gone, I’m over it. Spring can’t come soon enough.
    Because of that, every fall I drag my feet on putting the garden to bed. Luckily, over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to keep my garden going until the ground finally freezes solid.
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  • Honoring a Civil War veteran
    11/4/2020 A few weeks ago Ed Snyder alerted me to an interesting individual whom he thought might make a good column.
    I did a little research of my own and quickly realized Ed was right. He’d found a terrific subject for a Veterans Day column, African American Civil War veteran William Avery.
    Avery was born into slavery in Campbellsville, Ky., in the mid-1840s.
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  • The most questioned man in USA
    10/28/2020 With Halloween just days away, I was looking for something suitably spooky to write about this week.
    That’s when I came across some old Noblesville Daily Ledger articles dealing with the appearance of Harad, “the ‘most questioned’ man in America,” at the Wild Opera House.
    Harad was a magician/mentalist (think Kreskin,) with just a dash of Sammy Terry thrown in.
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  • The Wooly Worm Winter Forecast, 2020-2021
    10/21/2020 It’s time once again to see what the wooly worms and the other folk signs predict for the coming winter.
    As always, I find myself wishing Clara Hoover was still with us. Clara predicted the weather by folk signs for years and she would have been able to craft a coherent forecast out of this mess. All I can do is provide the information and let you draw your own conclusions.
    We’ll start with the number of fogs in August. Those are supposed to foretell how many big snows we’ll get.
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  • Labor Day, lakes and a little bit more
    10/14/2020 It’s a reader feedback week!
    Jeanne Flanders reminded me Labor Day isn’t a holiday for everybody.
    She wrote that when she was growing up on her family’s farm, Labor Day came between “laying the crop by” and the start of the harvest, and pointed out that they never had a day off from taking care of their livestock.
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  • The Ku Klux Klan Quiz, Part II
    10/7/2020 Continuing last week’s “True or False” Ku Klux Klan quiz . . .
    8. Hamilton County experienced Klan-inspired violence.
    9. Donating money to churches and people in need, performing ceremonies at funerals and passing out Bibles were frequent Klan activities.
    10. A number of ministers supported the Klan.
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  • A Ku Klux Klan Quiz
    9/30/2020 During the past year Hamilton County’s role in the 1920s revival of the Ku Klux Klan has once again become a topic of discussion.
    That’s a subject that easily lends itself to a lot of misconceptions and sensationalism.
    Since the best way to combat false impressions is with the truth, I’ve got another quiz for you. See how much you really know about that period in Hamilton County’s history.
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  • A little White River Township history
    9/23/2020 By Paula Dunn
    You may have noticed I don’t write about White River or Wayne Townships very often.
    It’s not an intentional slight. The problem is, they have fewer residents than the rest of the townships in the county, which makes it more of a challenge to come up with column ideas featuring them.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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