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  • Scary stories are what we need right now
    10/27/2020 It’s the season for all things scary and I found myself wondering how many people are actually looking for more things to frighten them this year. 
    There is a new horror movie about Zoom that is supposed to be terrific . . . and I won’t be watching it. I’ve never been a fan of horror movies. On the very few occasions I’ve tried to watch a scary movie, I end up both covering my eyes and plugging my ears (the ominous music is the worst part of it) and I end up with a pretty limited experience of the film. 
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  • Encountering bears on hikes and relying on cleverness to keep me safe
    10/6/2020 The two women told me about the bear when I was on my hike. 
    They were on trail bikes and saw the bear in the direction I was headed. “It was scary!” one of the women said. 
    We were all a little nervous. There had been a bear attack just a few weeks earlier up on the ski hill. 
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  • A lovely treat of more dog stories
    9/22/2020 It seems I have acquired a reputation.
    I have been handing out dog treats for three months. Every day, I take the same trail, and every day, I meet many of the same customers. Dogs have an amazing memory when it comes to getting a treat—particularly from a stranger. 
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  • When slipper use exceeds all previous records
    9/15/2020 I’ve worn out a pair of slippers. 
    To be fair, I wear slippers quite a bit under normal circumstances, but over the past four months my slipper use has exceeded previous records. I was reading the news one morning (I imagine you know what that’s like). The takeaway for me was that I was going to be wearing slippers for a while. I looked down at my slippers and gave in to the inevitable. I ordered new slippers. 
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  • Getting to the point of living under a blue tarp
    9/4/2020 I noticed my wrists were sticking to my desk.
    This was a gradual awareness. I spend almost all day at my desk and I don’t know precisely when it started, but I finally looked down because my wrists were undeniably sticky. I had used the wrist rest in front of my keyboard for… well, forever, and I’d noticed there were a few rips in the fabric. This had apparently progressed, completely unnoticed, until the wrist rest had started to ooze some awful sticky substance, which was now stuck to my arm.
    “How did this happen?” I asked myself.
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  • Celebrating a grand birthday blow-out with family
    8/22/2020 It was my birthday recently.
    This is not normally cause for a big celebration and this year it is less than usual. Still, unlike my husband, Peter, I actually do celebrate my birthday. I don’t expect anyone else to celebrate—although it’s nice to know my parents remember I was born and still seem to think it was a good thing.
    But I’m puzzled by reports of people my age who have huge celebrations or pout if they don’t get a party.
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  • Dog stories and treats, wasn’t that the best idea ever?
    8/12/2020 My husband, Peter, and I miss having a dog. I see a lot of dogs on the trail during my daily hike, and so Peter (who is always full of good ideas—usually about things I should do) suggested I carry dog treats.
    Dog treats have changed my life.
    When I see a dog approaching me on the trail, I say, “Can I give your dog a treat?” Now and then someone will say, “No, she doesn’t need one.” These dogs look to me like they might have a different opinion.
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  • Sometimes a little awkward is a lot of fun
    7/15/2020 It’s harder to keep in touch with people these days. Things are opening up but it’s going to be a while before we hop in a car and visit people the way we used to.
    I met the pastor of my church while walking. She told me the youth group had been meeting via Zoom and the kids were overcome with shyness, seeing their faces on the screen. I wanted to say, “Don’t they realize they can be seen when they show up in person?” But I sympathized with the teenagers.
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  • Having a word with my favorite tree on the trail
    6/25/2020 Every day I look down the trail in either direction, checking to see if anyone is coming. I’d just as soon no one knew I was talking to a tree.
    I take the same hike every day. There are a lot of trails and most folks try different trails on different days. I don’t. I do my best thinking on my daily walk. I am not seeking variety. Some days I am seeking inspiration. Some days I’m looking for answers. Some days I just want a little escape. More and more lately, I’ve been looking for comfort.
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  • Having the time to find out what suits you and what doesn’t
    6/10/2020 We’re at the stage where everyone is complaining about their hair.
    I am not complaining. As I have frequently bragged, my husband, Peter, cuts my hair and this has continued while the beauty parlors are closed and everyone is growing increasingly cranky.
    We were talking to our friends, Mary and Wolfgang, about this and Mary was expressing a bit of envy that I had gotten a haircut the previous day.
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