Local Gaylor Electric Electrical Apprentices Named as 2022 National Craft Champions

Gaylor Electric is excited to announce that their Statelevel Craft Champions competed in San Antonio, Texas for National titles. The Gaylor team brought home 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 2 safety awards. Gaylor Electric would like to congratulate Alan Rich – Silver Medalist, Electrical Commercial/Industrial, Raymond Dean – Gold Medalist, Power Line & Safety Award recipient, Aaron Swisher – Gold Medalist, Electrical Residential/Commercial, and Eric Waterman – Silver Medalist, Team Commercial & Safety Award recipient. Congratulations to each individual who has won the prestigious title of, “2022 National Craft Champion”.

These employees represented Gaylor Electric at the highest level in this prestigious Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) competition and competed against the best craft professionals in the country in the electrical categories. Gaylor Electric has been a proud ABC Member since 1985. Throughout this time, ABC has been crucial to their success through providing world-class craft education to our employees, interns, and apprentices.

“As our craft apprentices develop and grow throughout their careers at Gaylor Electric, they had the opportunity to be nominated to compete at the state Craft Championships.” Said Chuck Goodrich, President and CEO of Gaylor Electric. “Each of these employees proved to be the best some of the craft professionals in the industry, and they were able to showcase their knowledge and skill on a national platform.”

The ABC Craft Championship is an excellent opportunity for Gaylor Employees to demonstrate their chosen trade and skillset to not only the industry at large, but also to other ABC member companies from across the country. It is this commitment to excellence that shows we truly are the Highest Performing National Contractor of Excellence.

Events like this showcase why a future as a Gaylor Apprentice – and later a journeyman, is a great career choice for the youth of today. Each apprentice gets a world class education that leads them to a lifelong career.

“The ABC Craft Championships are an excellent opportunity for our apprentices to compete and show why they are the best of the next generation,” said Rob Griffith, Chief Operating Officer of Performance Excellence of Gaylor Electric. “For Gaylor, participation in this event is an honor. And seeing the development and focus of the next generation motivates us to continue to not only build great work, but also continue to attract employees with a true passion for construction careers.” As the Highest Performing National Contractor of Excellence, Gaylor Electric is comprised of multiple production and innovation driven locations that provide innovative industry expertise, delivering client-focused solutions. We are committed to utilizing all data that will enable us to accomplish our goal of personal, company and client success.