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  • 8/20/2019 Dear Editor,
    Members of our congregation’s leadership team just returned from the annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, where they joined more than 650 leaders of orders of Catholic sisters who sent a letter to President Trump imploring him to end all divisive language. 
    Our entire Leadership Team from Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods also felt compelled to expand on this letter.
    Our congregation is a community of Catholic women religious who collaborate with others to create a more just and hope-filled world through prayer, education, service and advocacy.
  • 8/5/2019 Dear Editor,
    I am writing this to Congress about our ongoing fiscal crisis and requesting that you use your office and influence to enact real structural change to our Federal budget. I am expected to manage my affairs, both business and personal, in a manner which is functional and sustainable and my government should as well. I live in Noblesville, where the median household income is roughly $74,681 and the debt load is $168,958. If my neighbors and I were to budget like the Federal government, that debt load would be a staggering $424,522. I have to point out that the debt number I am using as the average, and includes debt free households as well as borrowers and is likely much higher in reality. Imagine two teachers starting their first jobs in Noblesville with over $400,000 in debt. 
  • 7/31/2019 Dear Editor,
    It’s back to school again and in July! What happened to summer vacation for students who need the time for summer jobs, visiting relatives, experiencing summer vacations with their families and just having time for themselves?
    The balanced school calendar which is also “year around school” affects all of us, whether we have children in school or not, and three examples are the moved up dates for county fairs, the Indiana State Fair timing and the closing of public pools long before the summer heat is gone.
    Added to this scenario are the free handouts of new school supplies every year to students. My questions are:,Are the students being taught to reuse their school supplies from the year before? Do the parents pass down outgrown supplies to younger siblings such as backpacks?
    The bottom line is, why must the students be receiving free new supplies every year? I welcome an honest answer.
    Mari Briggs
  • 7/18/2019 Dear Editor,
    U.S. Places First Men on the MOON. Those of us old enough to remember this probably also remember exactly where we were as we watched history unfold on television.
    I was fortunate in that I had a fairly different perspective. While in the Army, I served as Exec. Officer for US Army Cape Kennedy Outport (USACKO) from June, 1968 to March, 1969. We ran the military (Cape Kennedy) side of Port Canaveral. From our vantage point of loading or off-loading ships, we were “up close and personal” with many rocket and missile launchings - including the Apollo series. Apollo was a granddaddy of all rockets. When it ignited, we were close enough that the pulsations would literally make our ribs vibrate in the same rhythm (as the pulsations) and our hearts would beat wildly. It was like a drug made from noise and concussion.
  • 5/8/2019 Dear Editor,
    As a former US Marine Veteran and FBI Special Agent for 28 years and Father of 4 children, all Purdue Graduates, I have witnessed great sacrifice and dedication by Federal Employee.
    Federal employees serve and protect us every day at every level across the country and in our community. At no time was this more evident than during the 35-day partial government shutdown earlier this year. 
    From ensuring safe air travel to regulating new medicines to maintaining a safe food supply to processing Social Security checks, civil servants are everywhere, yet invisibly so. And, contrary to popular belief, 85 percent of the federal workforce is located outside of Washington, DC. 
    When natural disasters strike, they provide relief and help us rebuild. When mass shootings take place, they enter harm's way and care for the wounded. And, when once-eradicated viruses reappear, they investigate public health crises. Whether they are in the public eye or active behind the scenes, civil servants take pride in working for something bigger than themselves. 
  • 5/8/2019 Dear Editor,
    Writer Ginger Claremohr wrote an excellent article “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate” depicting the situation of parents today when it comes to their children’s future health by vaccinating. It seems the medical industry tries to make children more perfect by creating vaccinations to add to their bodies.
    My grandfather who was born in the 1880’s said the less you inject into your body the healthier you will be. There are 70 doses of 16 vaccinations imposed on our children today. As a child I had only two vaccinations; the polio vaccine and the small pox. My generation became naturally immune to all childhood diseases by either being exposed or enduring the disease. This natural immunity is with my generation today and I believe we should go back to natural immunity for all children.
  • 5/4/2019 This is an exciting time for our community. For the first time in a generation, we have an open contest for mayor — no incumbent, no presumptive heir, just four candidates who have submitted their applications for this position. And now it is time for the citizens of Noblesville to decide who to hire as the next mayor to serve our city. I believe my proven leadership and experience make me the right leader — the right woman — at the right time for Noblesville. 
    First, as mayor, I will respect yesterday. I grew up two blocks from the square. Nothing says home to me more than walking south on 9th Street to the square. However, the square of today is not the same as when I sold Girl Scout cookies or delivered newspapers, and we can’t, and don’t, want to wrap it in shrink wrap. But we do need to ensure as things evolve around our authentic historic square that we don’t detract from the embodiment of our hometown values that draws people to our community.
  • 5/4/2019 For the past weeks and months, it’s been the honor of my life to seek your vote to be the mayor of my hometown, Noblesville. In home meetings and coffees, community events and public gatherings, on the square or on the debate stage, you have taken time to get to know me and the other candidates. You’ve asked hard questions to understand my vision for Noblesville’s Next Chapter. And thank you for allowing me to ask you questions about what you felt was important to our city.
    I am the best leader to take Noblesville into its next chapter. My time spent working at the local, state and federal levels will be vital as we forge key partnerships to build an even better Noblesville. I am proud to be endorsed in our campaign by Governor Eric Holcomb and Congresswoman Susan Brooks...
  • 5/4/2019 Since we launched this campaign more than 7 months ago, I have been stressing how important this election is. Decisions are being made now that will affect the way Noblesville develops for generations to come. It’s important that we get it right. For that to happen, the citizens must be much more engaged than they’ve been permitted to be for the past several years. The trash fee, the Nickel Plate, Seminary Park, The Levinson are all examples of city hall making deals in the dark and including the people afterwards. It’s time to swing open the doors of city hall, welcome the public back in, and unleash the power of the people so Noblesville can finally start achieving its potential...
  • 4/19/2019 Dear Noblesville Community,
    Recently I have seen and heard remarks regarding Chris Jensen’s journey in his pursuit of serving as our next mayor. As someone who highly values trust in the integrity of leadership, I understand the concerns I have heard. In running against Chris four years ago, one of my top concerns in him representing and serving Noblesville was in regards to his campaign’s financial contributions. I was also concerned that he was part of what I refer to as “the good ole boy” network and was being groomed to just do as donors and long-term representatives dictate. Neither of these conjectures were true of Chris then. And neither of them is true of him today...
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Sunday, August 25, 2019

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