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  • 10/18/2018 To the Editor:
    Last year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation known as Concealed Carry Reciprocity. If this bill becomes law, the Federal government would override our state’s standards on who can carry hidden, loaded handguns in public and force us to recognize the standards of every other state – even the states that have lower standards than Indiana, or not standards at all.
    Concealed Carry Reciprocity should never become law. It encroaches on states’ rights, and would force Indiana to allow people with dangerous histories and many people with no permit whatsoever to carry hidden, loaded guns in our communities. It’s a law that would put our police, first responders, and children in harm’s way.
  • 10/18/2018 Dear Editor,
    Yes, this is a political message. So why pretend? Which is what Washington does a lot of, and is known for—pretending this, or pretending that!
    We find it strange that our Republican Congresswoman, Susan Brooks, can get so little done when Republicans control the White House, both Houses of Congress, and also trying to control the U.S. Supreme Court. 
    To be fair, that may not be all her fault. But it sounds like Rep. Brooks is a victim of her own party! She can't get anything done because—well, they won't let her!
  • 10/17/2018 Dear Editor, 
    I’m writing to encourage my fellow parents and all residents of Noblesville to become familiar with Miller YES. This is our local movement to support the upcoming school referendum.
    There are many solid and convincing facts available from Noblesville Schools about the referendum. I won’t share those here. Instead, I’ll share my personal story to support the facts.
  • 10/17/2018 To the Editor:
    This fall, Noblesville Schools is putting a referendum before all of us who call Noblesville home. The purpose is to increase school security, address mental health in the school population, and to help retain teachers in our school system. As a life-long Noblesville resident, and NHS graduate, I know the value of a great school system. As a local business person, I know that we need to help prepare our young people for a productive life, hopefully here in Noblesville. I believe that a strong school experience gets people on the right path for that productive life.
  • 10/17/2018 Dear Editor,
    There seem to be some questions about how much the Noblesville Schools referendum proposal will cost taxpayers and I wanted to provide some clarification for the community as I have seen individuals and news outlets throwing out different figures.
    The referendum rate is an annual rate applied to every $100 of a home or business’s net assessed value.
    The current referendum rate is 18.9 cents and the new proposed rate is 37 cents.
    When calculating what this means for your taxes specifically, it’s important to know that 86.4% of Noblesville homeowners receive property tax deductions. Doing a simple math calculation on your property value without taking into account the deductions most people receive will provide many with inaccurate information.
  • 10/11/2018 Dear Editor,
    Noblesville Schools is proposing to raise their tax rate from 1.3136, to 1.4946 per $100 of your home’s net assessed valuation. You can find the net assessed value of your home on your tax bill, online on Hamilton County’s website, or from the county Assessor, and find how much the proposal will increase your school tax, in dollars per year.
    Take your NET assessed value, times .01, to get base rate that above multipliers are applied to, to see current VS proposed school tax liability. 
    Or, for every $100,000 of your home’s net assessed value, your tax liability will rise from $1313.60 per year, to $1494.60 per year - an increase of $181 per year per each $100,000 of your home’s net assessed value.
  • 9/26/2018 To the Editor:
    Every 3 hours in the United States a person or vehicle is hit by a train. Last year alone 12 Hoosiers died in railroad crossing accidents.
    To raise awareness of the need for caution near tracks and trains, the first U.S. Rail Safety Week will take place this year from September 24-30. U.S. Rail Safety Week is spearheaded by Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI), the national rail safety education nonprofit, working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation, law enforcement agencies, and many other organizations.
  • 9/26/2018 Dear Editor:
    I want to sincerely thank the HC Council for approving a part-time position to help the Hamilton County Veteran’s Services Office (HC VSO). I know the HC VSO could use a full-time position, and the part-time position will help. With aging Veterans, and the expansion of wars and conflicts, the needs of the Hamilton County VSO will only increase.
    I was one of the Veterans at the budget meeting on Thursday morning, and was there to support Lynn Epperson’s work in the HC VSO. As an Air Force and Vietnam Veteran, and victim of Agent Orange spraying, Lynn’s office has been very helpful in assisting me with the VA on my disability. In fact, when follow up assistance was required her office was very helpful, along with my doctors, to get me assistance.
  • 9/26/2018 Editor,
    The discussion of the Levinson project beginning reminded me of a group of behind-the-scenes individuals who have been committed to the betterment of downtown without being recognized. I wanted to take a minute and thank the Downtown Parking Task Force members for their commitment and dedication to this cause and to the community.
    The Parking Task Force was created to examine and address concerns that were expressed about parking in downtown Noblesville. The Task Force consists of representatives from the City of Noblesville, Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, Noblesville Main Street, Noblesville Common Council, and downtown business owners, merchants and residents. The group was led by Chamber President Bob DuBois and I appreciate how each member brought a unique viewpoint to the table.
  • A Big Thank You
    9/14/2018 Dear Editor,
    A big thank you for the lovely gift of the piano I played for about 70 years for the Queen Contest.
    I really liked the piano and the beautiful girls and their apparel.
    Also, about three years ago, the 4-H Council awarded me a beautiful wristwatch, which I am enjoying.
    Thank you all very much and may God bless you all.
    -Phyllis E. Davis, Noblesville
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

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