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  • 1/11/2020 Dear Editor,
    In addition to a continuing Indiana issue involving the ridiculous high cost of licensing and registering a motorcycle which none of you have acknowledged or addressed I now find and read that Indiana is requesting along with 17 or more other Republican governors additional refugees for resettlement. This lack of limited logic appears to be the rationale, regardless of overall additional taxpayer cost . . . Additional cost to schools, assimilation cost, housing assistance, local taxpayer-supported social cost if any, etc. etc. are not being considered.
  • 1/4/2020 Dear Editor,
    It's a new year, a time for optimism and a sense of what's possible. It's also flu season - a time when we appreciate good health as well as health investments made on our behalf.
  • 11/19/2019 Dear Editor,
    Sally and I want to thank Riverview Hospital, the doctors and the staff for the outstanding treatment we received during Sally’s recent illness. For five days in intensive care and several days thereafter, plus two visits to the emergency room, we could not have received better treatment. It is truly a blessing for our community to have such a fine facility, but even more so such very caring caregivers.
  • 10/26/2019 Dear Editor,
    On Wednesday, Indiana Senator Mike Braun, a Republican, and Delaware Senator Chris Coons, a Democrat, announced that they will form the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the United States Senate. As Indiana Faith Leaders, we want to recognize Senator Braun for stepping up at this historic moment to call for Climate Action.
    Responding to climate change is our moral responsibility and civic duty. We are heartened to hear that our Senator is taking a lead on one of the most important challenges of our time.
    Climate change affects everyone, especially those who have the least resources. Here in Indiana, we have seen and will continue to see negative consequences: increased flooding affecting crops and water quality; additional insect-borne illnesses; extreme heat waves affecting the health of our children, the elderly, and all those who work outside; and strained social services and government resources. We are also seeing extreme temperature fluctuations causing burdensome impacts on our roads and infrastructure. The impact of climate change will necessitate the movement of people displaced from other communities.
  • 10/24/2019 Dear Editor,
    Central Indiana has recently seen a rash of children getting ahold of unsecured guns and injuring themselves or someone else. Thursday in Mooresville, a two-year-old gained access to his mother’s unsecured gun and unintentionally shot and killed himself — please note I said “unintentionally” and not “accidentally.” These incidents are not accidents. They are preventable and it is up to us as adults to keep our kids safe.
    According to a 2015 survey that appeared in the Journal of Urban Health, about 13 million U.S. households with kids under 18 have at least one gun, and of those 13 million, approximately 4.6 million, or around 35%, of those homes have at least one gun that is loaded and unlocked. Around 350 kids gain access to a firearm and unintentionally shoot themselves or someone else each year in the U.S.
    Unsecured guns also play a large role in youth suicide. 500 kids die by suicide with a gun each year in the U.S. and the Indiana Department of Health ranks Indiana as tenth in the nation for youth suicide attempts and first in the nation for youth suicide ideation.
  • 10/24/2019 Dear Editor,
    Westfield’s election turnouts have not been good. The May primary was a new low with only 7% because Mayor Andy Cook did not have an opponent. This gave the outsiders victories with very small numbers. Andy has a Libertarian opponent Tuesday November 5. Mayor Cook’s record is of phenomenal success!
    Please turn out to vote November 5 for Andy Cook, a man of vision who has rescued Westfield from mediocrity. Andy’s vision from the beginning has included bringing citizens into making decisions such as WeCAN that seeks experts to answer HOA leaders’ issues including trash service that profoundly brought down its cost, the Grand Junction Task Group that grew from eight to over 200 participants and met hundreds of times over the last 12 years to solve old downtown's failings. Andy appointed Westfield’s first Parks’ Director to design and build our first parks and trails -and look at us now !
  • 10/3/2019 Dear Editor,
    For the past several months I've been in contact with Noblesville Schools administrative personnel, state senators, our local state representative's office and Noblesville school board members exploring the idea of bringing cursive back into Indiana schools.
  • 9/20/2019 Dear Editor,
    Did you know, your Post Office receives ZERO tax dollars?
    Fact: The United States Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.
    Fact: The Post Office is established in the U.S. Constitution. The Public Postal Service is part of the fundamental infrastructure of this nation – binding it together.
  • 9/18/2019 Dear Editor,
    Currently our Second Amendment is under fire and being attacked. Our forefathers had great foresight ability with what could happen in the future after fighting off the British rule. This amendment was so important that it came in second after the First Amendment. I am so grateful for their brilliance in this conception.
    Even though it was over 200 years ago, we should protect this right. The Second Amendment is a right not a privilege. This is what makes our country great.
  • 9/6/2019 Dear Editor,
    Directly or indirectly, drug addiction affects everyone in our communities. Maybe it’s your daughter, a fellow employee, a childhood friend or that neighbor down the street. Even though societal norms tend to condemn and stigmatize people suffering from drug addiction, it’s a real problem in our own backyard that we can no longer ignore.
    With the highly potent drugs on the market today, this epidemic is even hurting our police officers.
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Sunday, January 19, 2020

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